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Indian Insurance Products

It is generally accepted by economists that the next big players on the global financial stage are the so-called 'BRIC' countries - that is Brazil, Russia, India and China. In the world of insurance, India offers the standard insurance that we find in the West: Life, home, medical, vehicle and so on. There may be some niche products that are specifically available for the Indian market - India is a large, populated sub continent with a diverse culture. One can certainly expect to find some insurance areas that are particular to India; for example in the business world, you may find it necessary to take out 'Rubber Insurance' or 'Mango Insurance' if you trade in these markets!

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Prepaid cards are useful even if you already have a traditional credit card

Many people nowadays have a credit card because it makes life easier if not to have to carry around a large amount of cash. Apart from that there are many occasions where it is hardly possible to pay without a credit card. But on the other hand, a credit card has its perils, because, as we all know, money one spends is only booked off one's account at the end of the month. This way it is very easy to be tempted to spend more money than one originally had planned, and the monthly statement can easily become a very bad surprise.

This is why the prepaid card is an extremely useful addition to one's collection of plastic money. Paying with a prepaid card works exactly like with any other credit card except that one has to load the card oneself beforehand with credit. This way one can keep a much clearer overview of one's outgoings. If for example one loads the card at the beginning of the month with exactly the amount of money one would like to spend during that time, one has to stop spending when the card is empty and thus protects oneself from overspending and possibly ending up in debt. The prepaid card is very attractive as well, because everybody who applies for it will be accepted, independent of one's credit score.

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Why are prepaid cards a useful thing to have?

Nowadays one hardly can imagine life without a credit card – it is not only possible to pay in shops with it and use it in cash machines but there are things which are very difficult to do without a credit card. This is for example going shopping on the Internet, booking some events – and renting a car without a credit card usually can even not be done. This is why most people have a credit card at their disposal. But at the same time many people still do not have a credit card because their application was not accepted for reasons of creditworthiness. People who have debts, a bad credit score, or have no job, as well as students, old age pensioners and people who work freelance, might all find it difficult to be able to obtain a credit card.

This is why prepaid credit cards became extremely popular. Prepaid cards work exactly like any credit card but with one difference – they are not credit cards in the sense of credit being given by a lender, but one first has to load the card with credit oneself before one is able to use it. Otherwise, you can use it in the same way, pay with it worldwide, and it looks the same as a traditional credit card as well. Because a great prepaid card is not dependent on one's credit worthiness everybody can apply for it, regardless of income and age. This means that even people less than 18 years can have a prepaid card. With a prepaid card one can keep control of one's outgoings much more easily and one is protected from spending more money than one actually has.

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Does Your Business Need To Be Insured?

By law businesses must be insured. Whether it’s a small or corporate business, your business must be insured to ensure that you and it are protected. Business insurance varies depending on the type of business however business insurance providers offer a wide range of cover and policies so that businesses can find what best suits them and ensures that they are fully covered. There are a number of types of business insurance, differing between all businesses; yet all companies despite their differences must be legally covered by Employers’ Liability Insurance (ELI). This type of insurance guarantees that in the event where a member of staff is hurt or injured in the work place from an accident, the employer is covered and protected against legal action that may be carried out against the company. It is compulsory that all businesses have ELI however there are other types of business insurance that provide further coverage.

These include public liability, property insurance and business interruption. To ensure that you are getting the right kind of insurance for your business there are various methods that can be carried out. For instance you can either compare business loan companies and quotes online or use an insurance broker who will find the right kind of cover for you. However it is important to note that an insurance broker, as beneficial as they are in being able to access special deals and offer advice, will charge a fee for their services. If you are a small and maybe new business perhaps it is easier to go straight to the insurance provider and work from there.


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